What We’re About

We are a bunch of pragmatic idealistic finance geeks who believe that there is a better alternative to traditional financial services. We help uncover and strengthen the connections between our customers, their values, their wealth, and their community. Our core purpose is to provide innovative financial services that empower humanity to foster a reality founded in conscious capitalism and a world of abundance for all.

Our Core Values

  • We pay attention to the world around us, look past ideology, and seek to understand
  • We are referable (Do what we say, Finish what we start, Show up on time, Say please and thank you)
  • We serve people and the planet through humility, objectivity, respect, and compassion
  • We cultivate an environment of personal and professional growth

Meet Our Team

  • Angel Barbash

    Angela Barbash Principal

  • Pavan Muzumdar

    Pavan Muzumdar, CFA, Principal

  • Eric Davis

    Eric Davis Principal

  • Eddie Ledermann

    Eddie Ledermann Financial Planner

  • Clara Balliet

    Clara Balliet Operations Manager