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Since you’re here, thanks for checking out our new site and especially our blog! This has been a labor of love for all of us and we especially want to thank our partner and web guru Marshel for all his hard work in dealing with us, our indecisiveness, and idiosyncrasies! We’re not biased and we think he did a fabulous job!

So a few things about our new site…

First, we want it to reflect our core values – yes, seriously! If you find us doing or saying anything that doesn’t do that, please call us out. And on that point, we hope that our world-changy approach and preaching doesn’t irritate you. We mean all of what we say earnestly, and we aren’t perfect; but strive we do and we hope you see that.

Second, this has got to be useful! We wish this to be – in the interest of transparency – a source of new community members and new clients for Revalue. We want to accomplish this by delivering substantially more value to you and them. Not doing so would go against everything we stand for. So please call us out on that if you feel we aren’t delivering.

Finally, this site won’t be stagnant. We plan on adding lots of features, content, benefits, and fun stuff (yes, we want to make money, investment, and financial planning fun for you!) over time. At the minimum we hope this convinces you to sign up for our newsletter so we can keep in touch and you can learn about all the goodies as we make them available.

Oh yeah, even though we shouldn’t have to say it, here goes: We won’t sell your email address and barrage you with crappy salesy messages. In other words, we’ll treat you like we want to be treated. So, please sign up!

PS: We released two blogs for our launch. Read the next one to learn how we’re taking a small step to making the financial planning and investment management world a little different – better really…