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You deserve high quality services that are aligned with your values.
We’re part of a growing number of financial professionals who are stepping up in defense of investors.
Are you tired of generic financial advice that directs your capital to companies you don’t really want to support? We’ve designed our individual services and plans to meet your needs.

Service Plans

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Empowerment Plan
Plan Prices FREE $125/year $300/year

Knowledge Sharing

Articles, fact sheets, white papers, and more all centered around one thing – transparent education!
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Exclusive Connection Events

Peer-to-peer learning events, meet-ups, and celebrations that keep our community of values-driven investors connected!
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Revaluation™ Subscription

A unique publication issued quarterly that includes information about investments including mutual funds and other securities, local investment offerings, impact investments, guest articles, answers to questions to from investors, and much more.
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Advisor Time

You can use this time however you would like – for a quick question, a difficult financial decision you have to make, or help filling out paperwork and opening accounts at different firms. Meetings will be held via Skype or teleconference. If you would like additional time, the Advisor will provide services at its then hourly rates. Those rates will be provided in advance of the services.
2 hours/Quarter

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