Cryptocurrencies and what to do about them

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By Pavan Muzumdar, CFA When you look up the definition of the word “Currency”, there are two themes that become apparent immediately: the first is that it is a medium of exchange, and the second is that it is generally accepted in the present by a large enough number of people. These two elements must … Read more

Community capital, coming to a town near you

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By Angela Barbash, Principal Last year, nine people representing themselves or organizations from east to west and in between too, gathered in a conference room in Portland, Oregon to entertain an appeal to organize from one of the nine. The argument was that we’re all doing great work, but we’re fragmented, we’re not organized, and no … Read more

A lesson learned a day…

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By Angela Barbash, Principal Luckily, where I lack in some areas, such as posting more than 1 blog post in 6 months, I excel in other areas, such as journaling and self-reflection. For those readers who are following my bullet journal journey (bujojo?) on Insta, you know that I delved in deep in February and … Read more

What if investors evolve faster than their financial advisors?

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Last week our friends over at published an article I had written earlier this year after attending the ComCap Conference in Portland, Oregon. In the article I reflected on how it seems the financial advising industry was still as reluctant as ever to get on board with investing locally, even though 35 states have … Read more

Impact Investing Spotlight: Green Bonds

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By Eric Davis, Investment Advisor Representative In the vast world of socially responsible investing, the term “green bond” has been floated around quite frequently. But just what is a green bond? Well, it’s like any other bond, but the purpose of the proceeds are used for environmentally positive causes. Projects can be for renewable energy, … Read more

The Fear of Increasing Automation

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Computers and technology are becoming smarter and are able to do many things that we once thought impossible for them. Some of these are: driving cars and trucks, interpreting x-rays, combing through legal documents intelligently, and even writing news reports and briefs. Many people are fearful that with the advancing of these technologies, many human … Read more

The Fascinating Story of Ronald Read

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Never met the guy, but I wish I had. I first heard of Ronald Read a few days ago in a Wall Street Journal article. Mr. Read was an army mechanic, gas station attendant, and part-time janitor in Vermont who died recently. His death would probably have been as quiet as his life had he … Read more

The Power of Crowd Intelligence

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Folks that already know Revalue, know that one of the things we stand for is community investing. The drivers behind the growing interest in community investing are several: 1) A growing interest in having a direct impact in the local economy, 2) A desire for more transparency and connectedness in investing – knowing where one’s … Read more

Welcome to our new site!

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Since you’re here, thanks for checking out our new site and especially our blog! This has been a labor of love for all of us and we especially want to thank our partner and web guru Marshel for all his hard work in dealing with us, our indecisiveness, and idiosyncrasies! We’re not biased and we … Read more